July 2017 Meeting

Thursday, 20 July 2017 @ 7PM


Update 20 Sep 2017:

I updated this presentation and gave it at this years's Atlanta Code Camp. You can download the slides and examples here https://github.com/ormico/AtlCodeCampDocker


Zack Moore will show off Docker on Windows and what its good for.
You've probably heard of Docker by now (but don't worry if you haven't), but what is it good for and how can you get started?

Trying to get started with Docker can be daunting but my goal with this presentation is to skip a bunch of the theory and give concrete examples and recipes.

You may think that Docker is only for Linux, or only for Servers. Neither of these is true. In this presentation we will focus on Windows containers, but I'll show a few examples with Linux containers as well, all running on Windows.

Docker is the leading Container platform for Windows and Linux. What is a container? Containers let you package your software up in a self contained unit like a Virtual machine, except not a Virtual Machine. Come to the meeting if you want to know more.

Snacks and drinks provided.

Meeting @ SparkMacon

557 Cherry St, Ste B, Macon, Georgia 31201